Saturday, October 23, 2004

Three Martinis

Three Martinis is dedicated to the proposition that life, not unlike Gaul, is divided into three parts.

How is that, you may ask. For starters, I'm Marty III, Marty McGowan III, to be specific. It's gone now, my year (MMIII), but still sufficiently fresh in our conscience to celebrate. My Grandfather, Martin Sr, wrote a column for years, Martinis, in the Appleton (MN) Press. So, in part, this is dedicated to his memory. That memory includes whimsy, serious, and the spiritual. Just like the milking stool out at the Oyen farm, which had three legs, so does life: fun, travel, adventure; sober, spirit, sensation; and Saturday, Sunday, and the workweek.

On the Web, your author is into at least two of these venues: sober and sensation, with some attempts at the spirt. In the sober category, there is The News' Dark Time, in the spirit, we have Call To Action -- NJ, and in the sensation group there is Statboni, the unofficial NHL statistics site.

The News' Dark Time.

It's recently gone over One Hundred issues, motivated by the unashamedly liberal view we are not being served by major media. In particular television, with the popular print struggling to differentiate itself from commercial television. (As an aside, gentle reader, please hasten to chasten your editor, if the tone of one of the three forums leaks to heavily into another). The NDT must be a "Saturday's" child.

Call to Action -- New Jersey.

Your third Martini is also a lifelong Roman Catholic, though less proud of the association every day. To that end, he's hosting a Web site, in need of much update: the Call to Action -- NJ, where we promote the New Jersey action. You recall, this all grew out of Renew, a Bishop's (yes bishops') call to renew the church in 1976. Mrs Martini and I were in CO at the time, and did some grass-roots issue culling as part of a truly alive church in that time and place, as the historically inclined are glad to recall. -- Sunday's child.

On to the Work Week.

Here the web work is a little more diffused. At this writing, your Martini mixer prefers "Up with a twist", while Mrs Martini is clearly favors "Tanquery OTR, olives". But the website of this season is your editor's gainful employ at The Benedictine Academy in Elizabeth NJ. Our young ladies are just starting to make their impact on the school web site, and your editor, as Technology Director, is running the classroom from a chamber off McGowans.Org. Now there's a Saturday site. (Aside to self: make a taxonomy on your work, viewed from at least 3 directions)

At some point, we'll put this up on a web site, maybe. One of the things Martini is struggling with these days is the value of self-publishing and locking up domain names. Somewhere into a third martini this summer, I locked up "three martini" in (most all) its internet manifestations. Next year we'll review that decision as an expensive ($90) boost to simply start writing.

For those of you with access to other parts of my electronic musings, this will be a place to comment on the general topic, with one caveat: "Saturday" talk -- the serious stuff, will be confined to that neighborhood, not here.

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