Sunday, September 28, 2008

Re: Bailout-Amen

That's why my comment was only "sort of" a defense for Dan.
those things that the US was backing the AIG bailout with.

it's still only $425 / head.

and the govt had already tried one of those ( $600/head) to little effect.

+=+-- Marty.

p.s. one of the words of caution on the street (wall/main) these days is "know what it is you're buying"
(and forwarding :-)

In Dan's defense (sort of), in Britain a "billion" is a million million ;-)

From: Daniel Callahan []

Are you mad? Me do the math, no way, I just pass them on.



i realized just having pushed "send" i should have made the words of caution pointed at dan, and not yourself.

sorry 'bout that, and i'm sure you understand the full implication of the math, probably the only one who did.

this one isn't so bad as those things going around, now that people think of fact-checking for themselves, where you see the quote:

"i checked this out on snopes",

or some other truth-on-the-net site, and some of these provide links to follow, and some even support the point being claimed. i think we are making progress on this front. it's OK to forward something completely of opinion, or clearly humor, but this one came by the other day: a list of recent presidential IQ's where bush was listed at 91 and clinton at > 135 (or such). i'm a believer that bush is working his way to the bottom of the rank of presidents (i believe in john mccain's neighborhood they're called the ``anchorman'' -- last in his class at the academy), but i'm consistenly working to keep the internet a place of "truthiness", where an objective reality is at stake. that assertion (bush iq = 91) was easily debunked. but it's crime is that, a false report allows a reader to assume the communication channel only puts out noise. not everyone gets that.

thank you for your point of information on the value of a billion! to quote that great conservative, Ev Dirksen (R, IL) from the 50s and 60s,

"A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking _real_ money"

It was true then, and sadly true today, regardless of the size of the "billiion". And we're still learning, sadly.