Saturday, March 18, 2006

Three Georges

Striking while it's hot, your 3rd martini offers this bit of March Madness (and while in suburban VA, nach DC).

Your nation's capitol region is represented in the round of 32 in this year's NCAA basketball tournament by it's three "George" schools: -town, - Washington, and - Mason! That's right: Georgetown, George Washington, and George Mason, who last night "upset" Michigan State. So for the moment, the "three Georges" are alive.

The GMU upset of MSU is less of an upset in this martini-drinkers mind, since, in the science of bracketology, I've always come out ahead by picking a Big Ten school to fall one round earlier than it's seeding suggests.

In this next round, we can expect GW to fall to Duke, George Mason to fall to UNC, and if the previous notion has any validity, Georgetown to prevail over OSU. but in the equivication category, OSU, a 2 seed, might have to wait to fall to Florida, the 3 seed.

So, if lucky, there is only one more win in store for the three Georges. Wouldn't it be a rip if the three Georges finished 3 - 3!