Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sox - Cards

It's Satuhday night, Octobah 23, 2004. In a re-run of history, the sahwcks ah hosting the cahds at Fenway pahk. Tim Wakefield has just retyahd three of the fuhst foah cahds, Larry Wakuh dublin' intah the right field cahnah.

While you are all watching the game, I think I'll browse the web for baseball score keeping software. I'd seen some things for the Palm, after having taken in Tony Gwynn's last trip to the Vet in Philly a couple of summers ago. For you drive-by readers, it's sort of mandated that the McGowan boys are baseball fans. To wit. Most of you think Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive game record. What record? Here's a question: prior to Cal Ripken, who appeared on-field in the most consecutive major league games. Here the "on-field" is both a clue, and a defense against those of you who might guess "the organist", the "grounds-keeper", ... any number of other ruses. Well good fans, the answer is "Cal Ripken broke Bill
McGowan's record

While the URL was linking, David Ortiz just put the Sox up 3-0 with a blast to right field.

The inning ended 4-0 after a double and RBI single.

While they do a beer commercial, here's the Google for

Bill McGowan Umpire.

And while we're off the subject, did you notice the verb "Google". It's been happening for as long as English has been spoken, turning nouns into verbs. Before Kinkos got merged into Fedex, or whomever, they invented the verb "to office". This so thoroughly disturbed the Martini maker, he was incensed enough to do the nasty:
he verbed the last noun. "To verb" (v), as in "we've verbed the last noun!"

Wakefield is throwing 57' strikes! The Cards are up to their small ball. They've got runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out after a bunt! Good stuff, Vince (my brother Vinny, a Cards fan!)

Metheny sac fly: 4-1. (Tim McCarver, former Cards catcher with the call). Thats it for the Top of Two.

Belhorn led off the bottom of two with a single to left. Next batter out somewhere. Cabrera lines out to Taguchi in left. Manny Ramirez singled and was stranded. Still 4-1 Boston. Here's the scorebook software, Baseball Scorebook. Two complete at 9:02.

Larry Walker just homered into the right field corner: 4-2! That's six total bases for Walker. Pujols just got HBP and is on first. After checking on the eggplant parm (my soul), the score is still 4-2.

bottom of 3:

  • Bill Mueller(sp?) , full-count walk.
  • Mirabelli, Doug, C. singles off the wall. It's 1st,3rd -- out out.
  • Mark Belhorn, 2b lashed a 3-1 foul by inches, walks to load 'em up.
  • Johnny Damon, (bases loaded!) singles, one RBI, 5-2 Sox. (here comes Toni LaRusso, and a beer commercial, lets check the eggplant) Reliever: Dan Herron

  • Cabrera singles, RBI 6-2
  • Manny Ramirez, FC: Rentoria (6) to Womack (4), 7-2. RBI
  • David Ortiz, BB, on 4 pitches
  • Kevin Millar, 6-3
  • Score 7-2, 9:33PM
4th Inning, Cards:

  • Jim Edmonds (3-1) BB, PB to second
  • Sanders (3-0) BB (runners on 1st and 2nd)
  • Womack (3-1) BB (bases loaded)
  • Metheny (3-2,1) F9 (sac) , E3, Sanders, Womack 3rd 7-4
  • Taguchi () 5-3, Womack scores 7-5
  • Edgar Rentaria (3-1), BB. RELIEVER for Wakfield:
  • Larry Walker () 1B, first and third, TWO out.
  • Albert Pujols (2-1) FC, 6-4
  • 7-5; 9:52
(pardon the rather formulaic bullet lists, as we watch the game)

  • Trott Nixon (3-2,4) BB

  • Mueller (3-2,1) BB, first and 2nd, none out.
  • Mirabelli () F7, one out
  • Bellhorn (1-0) F9, two out
  • Damon (2-2) F7
  • 7-5: 10:06
5th Inning:

  • Rollen, F [1]
  • Edmonds (x-2) K
  • Sanders (2-2) K
  • 7-5, 10:14

  • Cabrera (1-2) 6-3 [1]

  • Ramirez (2-0) 1B, off the Ump in left field
  • Ortiz (2-2) F7 [2]
  • Millar (1-2,1) 5-3 [3]
7-5, 10:25

6th Inning --
brought to you by KWAX-FM, 91.1, University of Oregon

  • Womack(2-0) F9 [1]
  • Metheny (0-2,1) K [2]
  • Taguchi (0-2,1) 1B, E1T, to 2nd,
  • Rentaria (2-2) "four breaking balls in a row" -- McCarver; 2B, RBI, 7-6
  • Walker () 2B, RBI 7-7, tim buck, "1017 post-season games, no one has hit for the cycle"

  • Pujols (2-2) K [3]
7-7; 10:38


  • Nixon (3-1) 1-3 [1]; "it's getting colder" -- Chris ...

  • Mueller (3-2,1) F8 [2];

  • Veratek {ph} (1-2,1) K [3]. with the announcers questioning inserting Veratak at this point, I'd have to say it's the Cards' game now.
7-7; 10:46

7th Inning

Mike Timlin for the Sox


  • Rolen (1-2) F8 [1]
  • Edmonds () F7 [2]
  • Sanders (1-0) 1-3 [3]

7-7; 10:52

As we listen to a winner of a Fox talent contest demonstrate why TV is the vast wastland. Kelly Clarkson by name is attempting "God Bless America". Bless you, Kate. Kelly probably looks _great_ on the tube on a managed stage. From my seat across the room, it sounds like she missed 40% of her notes, but got the vibratto and Nashville sounds down. Oh woe!

Sox: facing Kiiko Calero

  • Belhorn (3-1) BB; to second on Damon, scores on Ramirez,
  • Damon (1-2) 4-3 [1]
  • Cabrera (3-1) BB, to third on Ramirez, scores on Ortiz
  • Ramirez (1-0) 1B, RBI 8-7, might have been picked off first, but a poor throw by Edmonds, with no one covering first, allows Ramirez to slide back.
  • Ortiz () 1B, RBI 9-7
    • Relief pitcher: King

  • Millar (1-2,2) FL2 [2]
  • Relief: Cal Eldred

    Gabe Kapler {ph} (2-2) K [3]

  • Cedeno (2-1) 1B,
  • scores on Walker
    • Relief pitcher:Keith Folke

  • Rentaria (2-2,1) 1B, E7
  • 9-8

  • Walker (2-2) E7
  • 9-9
  • Pujols (3-0) BB intentional loads the bases
  • ?() F5 [2] infield Fly
    9-9; 11:47

  • Bellhorn (1-2) HR into RF corner, 2 RBI,
  • 11-9
  • Damon (0-1) F6 [2]
  • Cabrera (1-2) 5-3 [3]

  • 11-9; 11:58

    9th inning:

    Cards: Reese at 2nd

  • Anderson (3-2,1) 2B to left field corner;

    • Molina (0-2) F3 [2]
    • Cedeno (0-2) K [3]

    FINAL: Sox, 11-9, 12:09 a.m

    The play of the game is Bellhorn's 2 run home run and Keith Folke's inning(s) of relief.
    The game one winner wins 60% of the series, and 13 of the last 16 -- Joe Buck.

    Good night, Ms Callabash, whereever you are.

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