Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Chosen One

in the (unlikely :-) event of a republican president -- even before the mccain claim -- the woman featured in the article, pat mulroy was/is highly touted to be the likely secretary of the interior.   how do we know her?   when my younger brother sean died last year in las vegas, she hosted the post-funeral party.   i didn't meet her, other than to thank her for hosting.  i didn't know who she was at the time, but came to be aware of her importance. you can read the article.  she has lots of political "juice".   we have a family photo taken on her pool patio.:,  there's a bigger photo in one of the links.

brother vince, who forwards this article, has since moved to LV, to keep an eye on things there. 

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Thought you might be interested in this profile of Pat Mulroy in today's Las Vegas Sun (the liberal alternative to the Review-Journal, a real conservative 'rag'):


In this, the second in a 5-part series on the Southwest water woes, Mulroy is portrayed as 'Scarlett O'Hara', determined that Las Vegas would never be without water.  If there is an indictment of her tenure it might be this decision from the early 1990s:


"This was her "New Paradigm," and it went like this: With Mulroy at the water company and Bunker and a number of her staff on the river commission, Las Vegas would just keep building above and beyond the capacity of its river allocation.

It was a Las Vegas-sized dare. The logic: Defy the limits under Nevada's Colorado River allocation. Dare the six other states on the Colorado River, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and its overseer the Interior secretary to not give them more water."



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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Re: FW: Hey Ed

Hi Greg,

   wtfay:  where ... are you?

and Mike,

   all i (vaguely) remember, correct me if i'm wrong:  
      Pittsburgh,   Czech Republic, and Tuesdays with Big Brother?

and for all, don't know if you heard, but Al-Lu is selling off the dearly beloved WH labs, and moving the remnants into downtown MH, who's hall's, if not hallowed are hollow.    (oops, i see SK may have more info on this?!)

in the keepin' it young dept., we (wife pat and I) have (at least) two young friends, Ashok and Marina Maliakal, who hang out there (@MH), Ashok being one of those chemists who's trying to squeeze information into/outof molecules.  when last checked, Marina was working for the former Dennis Ritchie (still himself, less the Unix guru).

and FYI, i'm at Fidessa, where bloke-speak is the language, and we peddle our software to the big wall st firms, just so they can pump their orders and trades thru the pipes.   i train our developers, consultants, support staff on how our product works, my partner, Sandi, on what it does.  a good deal if ever there were one.

and, oh yes, i'm keeping Ed at bay, his thinking I care one whit about what happens to Hillary.  

and, in a sop to history, i'm re-reading Godel. Escher, Bach, with a new forward from Doug Hofstader, the author, where he confesses in  the new preface, that late in the publishing cycle, he "got the faith" re gender issues, and felt the need to press a feminine character into service. guess who?   "Ant Hilliary"   talk about a chuckle.

enuf good folks,

 +=+-- Marty McGowan

p.s. agree on widening the  circle

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As per Ed's request, here you go Sanjay.

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Lest I be accused of participating in a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, let
me add Marty McGowan to this email thread!

I've been exchanging emails on and off with Marty for oh these so many
years I almost lost track of where I originally got to know him
from----those golden years over at the Country Club (i.e. Bell Labs).

Now all we need is Jeff Martin & Tom Oplinger, and we can begin a
session of forward looking research.....
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908 230-3739, YIM: applemcg Cranford NJ 07016