Sunday, November 20, 2005

What's In A Name?

Yesterday, in testimony to be published elsewhere, I had the good fortune to attend a memorial mass and celebration of a just-departed Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brother, Ken "Wheels" Pulkonik. As the stories were being told, a talk by Gene "Monk" Montrone, the senior spokesman for the brothers, reminded me how I had tasted my very first three martinis. He and Sylvia, also present, were married in the summer of '64 atop the faculty club at MIT. When I confessed to Monk about their wedding initiating my affection for the Martini, fostered by ancestry and now taste, he told how the the brothers must have conspired to "keep the bar open so long as the receiving line". This was due to repeated visits to both by any number of brothers, possibly yours truly.

I confess here, to Monk and the world, I was a willing, and now grateful dupe.

(Watch this page for the report of the "testimony to be published elsewhere".)