Friday, February 18, 2005

So, What's a FURL?

Among the many new words you've encountered here in the Web is "FURL". Check the links here to see the "Editor's FURL". So why should you be interested?

It's a guess, but "FURL" stands for File (as in the verb, "to file") the URL. So, we're filing something. What's the something? A URL, pronounced "You are ell", as in "you are ill". We could make this a never-ending-tail, and it may be.

So, what's a URL?

Among the many new words you've encountered here in the Web is "URL". In our current use, it's three-fourths of a FURL. So, the URL, as in "you are ell", as opposed to my high school chum Earl, as in "Big Earl", is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.
  • Uniform, as in "works the same everywhere",
  • Resource, as in useful, or informative thing, and
  • Locator, as in where is it anyway?
So, a "FURL" is a File for a Uniform Resouce Locator. I tend to think of it in the sense of the sound of the word. Rather than hurl something somewhere, I just tend to "furl" it. And now for the big question: can you Furl FURL?

Well, you might, but that's too much never-ending ... so, instead, just visit Furl Headquarters and get started with your own furling. Again, as with everything on the web, it's a social thing, so it's quite easy to track your friends' furling.

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