Monday, October 29, 2007

AHS62 -- seventh edition

this time apologies are in order.

lots has been happening (lots of feedback), some of which
you've seen. 

the good news is -- guess what -- Judy had sent the
spreadsheet way back when - early Oct, and it wound up
in my "save until you _have_ to pay it pile" -- which got
worked this weekend.   i'll turn that into a google spreadsheet,
which those of you, so inclined, may look up, and those
in need, i'll mail.  this will all take a few weeks, however.

also, have a few new addresses, but not yet on the list
or database.   next time, he says.  

my excuse, such as they are, is my wife, Pat,'s trip to
Lk Tahoe, with a small but close portion of St Mary's class
of '64, as they turned 65.    this was our deal:  she can
go with "the girls" if i go to AHS 62's  45th.  it's debatable
as to who made the deal.  you get the idea.   i did point out
that if '64 turned 65, then '62 had just turned 63!   you'd
think a mathematician would have figured that out.  well,
the excuse was that Patty got back last night, lately
reserved for writing you, so i'm a day late. 

another fun thing was taking patty's godson, John Hollier,
(pronounced Oh-Yeah -- they're Cajun), to the NY Rangers
game on Sat nite, all my other dates: Patty, Chip, Kate,
being out of town -- Chip celebrating pregnant wife Laurie's
b-day yesterday.

SEND those PIX, Folks.   They couldn't have been THAT

b.t.w.  from now on i'll post these letters on my weblog:

for posterity, posterior, ... whatever.

-=-.. Marty M