Saturday, October 08, 2005

Metropolis -- The Movie

The fourth Martini -- Chipazzo -- since his days at the School of Visual Arts, has called your third Martini's attention to a milestone in Movie History: Metropolis.

On this THREE-day weekend and with NJ filling it's dry reservoirs, it's time to clear the Netflix queue in which Metropolis has been aging. Imagine my surprise when the heroine, Maria, the shift-change evangelist for the workers in the underground city, preaches before an altar with not THREE crosses, but three SETS of three crosses. A Frankensteinish scientist, who has sold his soul to the city's master, is cloning an anti-heroine to confuse the workers in the city. The movie hinges on her being recognized for who she really is.

The theme of the movie, amplified in the final text-banner is: The HEAD and HANDS need the mediation of the HEART! (While I don't know what the original German text might have been, I'd like to think the THREE-fold alliteration on the letter H is respects the original).

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