Friday, February 18, 2005

Three Martinis

Three Martinis
has become my Master Blogger. In keeping with the theme of three, my other sites are

  • The Statboni Room,
    where I'll harp on sports. the subject du jour being the NHL.
    I suppose other entertainment features would be appropriate
    uniter the three-martini umbrella.

  • The News' Dark Time, where "serious" commentary may be found.
    It's suffering from a mortal blow this past Novermber, but it's a suitable
    place for decidedely partisan polemic.

  • The State by State Network will be home to the irenic (, rather than the polemic. Things appropriate for this forum are discussion of Jim Wallis' "God is Not a Republican -- Or a Democrat!" book, for example. Some may think this is liberal; to me, it's merely open-minded, whatever that is.

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