Thursday, November 11, 2004

Three Doorbells

How many doorbells can you ring off one remote?

In the most settled neighborhoods, as we are here in 07016, the remote doorbell you buy over at HOME Depot has a 150' radius. Guess what the lot size is here? Guess how many adjacent neighbors have the default setting on the doorbell ringer?

This afternoon, after a number of phantom doorbell rings, ours rang again. Patty, on looking saw a firetruck next door. Then, after franticing around for Jackie and D's phone number, got through. As the facts revealed themselves, "it's the doorbell, silly". Jackie and D are in the middle of three doorbells, all with the same default ringer code. This explains why, on previous efforts, you muse's ears heard doorbells, and after scampering, found only the sunny skies out front. My mind doesn't recall departing FEDEX trucks or Postal wagons departing.

Saturday AM, we'll recode :-)

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